Best High End AV-receiver Sony STR-DA5800ES

Sony STR-DA5800ESAll the music and home theater enthusiasts will surely be interested in what might be the best AV-receiver. It’s difficult to say where is the limit after which we talk about the High End device. Is the price that tells you when we talk about the High End device? We are looking for the highest quality and best-equipped AV-receivers, the price is not now the main selection criterion.

We did a little bit research. We are looking for High End receivers that are in mass production and easily available to all. We investigate reviews and tests all over the world, and we found three candidates which are regularly in the top 3 group. The top three lists includes:

  • Denon AVR-4520
  • Sony STR-DA5800ES
  • Yamaha RX-A3030

Best High End AV-receiver – Sony STR-DA5800ES

As we study the reviews around the world, Sony STR-DA5800ES has got most of the first positions. If Pioneer would use the same type of labeling in the USA and in Europe, or would sell the Elite SC-79 AV-receiver in Europe, it would probably be the unchallenged number one. But no, in the U.S. market, Pioneer’s flagship is Elite SC-79 and SC-LX87 in Europe.

This choice is not based on our own opinion. Our selection is based only on reviews and analysis of the tests. Reviews and tests are collected from reliable sources all over the world. The emphasis is on “the best amplifier”, “Editor’s Choice” and other similar awards. A special attention has focused by independent panels such as EISA, awards. When we take into consideration only the success in reviews and tests, the Sony STR-DA5800ES is the best High End AV-receiver.

Reviews and awards

AV-receiverReviews and Awards
Denon AVR-4520
  • “Best Buy award 2013″ – Home Cinema Choice
  • “Highly Recommended” – AV Forums
  • Sony STR-DA5800ES
  • European HT Receiver 2013-2014 – EISA
  • Top Pick – Sound & Vision
  • Yamaha RX-A3030
  • AV RECEIVER OF THE YEAR OVER $2000 – Sound + Image Awards 2014
  • However, let’s examine a little receivers features. As you can see, our table contains only a few examples. We do not list features that are almost perfect in all AV-receivers, such as the different formats. We list the most important features as well as features which consists of the differences between the AV-receivers.

    The channels are all at least sufficiently, Yamaha is expandable up to 11.2 channels. The small differences can be found in amount of connections and multi-room support. Roughly it can be said that these devices have all the necessary features.

    SpecsDenon AVR-4520Sony STR-DA5800ESYamaha RX-A3030
    Number of channels9.29.29.2
    Support for 3D
    Audio return channel
    HDMI In(front)/out6 in(1)/ 3 out9 in(1)/ 3 out8 in(1)/ 2 out
    Automatic speaker setup
    4K pass-through
    iPod/iPhone compatible
    Dynamic Range Control
    USB input
    Multi ZoneZone 4Zone 2Zone 4

    Almost the same specs

    What is the reason for the High End AV-receivers high prices? In less-expensive AV-receiver can be found almost all the same features. In general, you can see the differences usually only amount of connections. The secret lies beneath the surface. AV-receivers in this level have invested more audio and video processing using high-quality components and solutions.

    The differences between AV-receivers are small and their comparison is very difficult, requiring almost laboratory conditions for carrying out measurements. Many manufacturers also use the same components. For example, Yamaha, Denon and Pioneer are using the same ES9016 SABRE DAC circuit.

    Usability and services are a priority

    The choice is difficult to make just on the basis of the technical specs or features because the differences between AV-receivers may not even an audible. Since the AV-receivers technical characteristics are very close to each other, we emphasize more AV-receivers usability and services via internet.

    We give more weight to tests which assesses the usability. Also, a wide range of online services raise the AV-receiver’s shares. If the price is set as the first criterion for selection, the best High End AV-receiver is a Denon AVR-4520 because the price is several hundred cheaper than the Sony (only in EU). However, if the choice is made on the basis of reviews, usability and online services, the best option is the Sony STR-DA5800ES.

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